A Throwback To My Teenage Crush

Recently, I had the opportunity to work for the most handsome, suave and heartthrob of millions of girls, Rajeev Khandelwal. Yeah I know, most of you would be wondering that who on earth is this ‘Rajeev Khandelwal’. But for those who are familiar with the name, they know that there is one and only “Rajeev Khandelwal” on this earth.

There is a thing called ‘teen crush’ which is kind of crazy and common thing among teenagers to have crush on their favourite actors or celebrities. So like every other teenager, I was truly, madly, deeply in love with ‘Rajeev Khandelwal’. Logically speaking, it wasn’t Rajeev Khandelwal but ‘Sujal Garewal’, the name of the character he played in one of the most popular Indian soap operas in the early 2000.


So, ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together as I introduce you to this amazing character and my teenage crush, ‘Sujal Garewal’. Wohoo!!

“Sujal” the name itself gives me goose bumps. Dream guy, heartthrob, thief of millions of hearts, is how I would describe him. Any girl would fall for him, he is that good. He is not someone like the Indian actor Hritik Roshan or British model David Gandy and not even like the German-Irish Michael Fassbender but he is more of a guy-next-door. Simply put, he is the-guy-you-would-take-to-your-Mum. Yeah, you know what I mean.

Sujal is an arrogant young guy who comes from a rich family and holds a reputable position in his family business. He doesn’t smile much; more reserved character and has the most appealing anger until he falls in love with a girl. His love story then leads to some romantic moments and some sad ones too, way too many misunderstandings, tear-jerking moments and lots and lots of songs. Songs?? Well, that’s the beauty of Indian soap operas. And believe me, every time Sujal cries on screen, I would cry in real life. The songs played in the background during happy or sad moments or just anytime still have the same impact on me as in those days. Also when Sujal who wouldn’t smile a lot but whenever he did, I would find a curve around my lips too. That’s the impact of his character. Well, well, well, let me use a cliché here – ‘Words are not enough to describe Sujal’.


Okay so now fast forward to the current times when I am no more a teenager but a married lady busy in life carrying out her mundane work. With my teenage, I had also bid goodbye to my crush and it was all a thing of the past lying somewhere in the rags of memory. Then all of a sudden a special work project comes to me. Yes, “SPECIAL”. Why? Because it involved Sujal. You read it right, Sujal. Honestly speaking, I had never imagined or wished to meet him in real life and here I was going to work on his project. Wow! But this time, the only difference was that I had to work for Rajeev Khandelwal and not Sujal.

I was happy with the project but I must admit that at this point in my life, I wasn’t that excited as I would have been in my teens. So, it was kind of okay feeling. And then, there came a day when I had to call him over the phone for work reasons. Initially I was kind of at ease but gradually as I picked up the phone and dialled his number, my heart started beating fast. Soon there was a familiar voice coming from the other end of the phone. The voice I had heard many years ago on the TV and now on the phone. Without doubt it was Sujal. But as we started speaking, I realised that there were no love songs playing in the background, he did not utter romantic words, and he was not Sujal because I wasn’t Kashish (his soap opera girlfriend) either. And that’s no wonder why the voice from the other end said “Hello, this is Rajeev Khandelwal”.


It was a short conversation but I felt my speech rushed out of nervousness. While his voice was calm and composed. Once through with the conversation, I looked up on YouTube a few of my favourite scenes from the soap opera. Some brought smiles and some did bring tears. But the realisation that dawned upon was remarkable that even though times have changed and lot of years have passed through, the memories came back fresh. I am sure Rajeev Khandelwal must have put lot of effort in his character ‘Sujal Garewal’ that even after years, his character can rekindle the flame.

And here’s a throwback to my teenage crush    



Simple Rules for a Happy Life

One morning I woke up late and realised that it was quite late in the day already and as usual the feeling of missed out on the day crept in. The feeling quickly spread out towards every aspect, I felt so unproductive, so unorganised, disorientated. I have felt this earlier as well when I wake up late, I guess everyone does, but this was extreme, and large part of my remaining day must have passed in this. Come evening and I realised this that part of the remaining time which could have been used so productively was also spent away in these unnecessary thoughts.

I realised I can do better than this and then worked out some rules for myself. I have thrown in some additional ones which I am trying to imbibe in my life (Empathy 😉 )

So here we go:

Wake Up
Wake Up_Ms. Singh PostsWe spend such large part of the day feeling bad on the days when we wake up late, it was almost a habit for me. Well if you feel lazy and find yourself sleepy on some days then I feel it is fine to sleep 30-60 minutes extra if you can afford it. Over-sleeping has never done anything wrong (unless you are doing serious oversleeping like 12-14 hours), nothing wrong in little snooze and no need to feel bad about it. But yes if this is happening too often, then should take a look at your routine and go to bed earlier.

Clothes Clutter
Clutter so fills your mind, my clothes are a big contributor to my clutter and not just in my wardrobe but even in my head. So one Sunday, I took everything out of my wardrobe. Once it was all out, I re-arranged, tried mix and match stuff and put back only those that I needed. In fact I discarded all my clothes I didn’t wear over the last one year. Why? Because I didn’t need them for a year so I wouldn’t need them even in the future. Isn’t that a smart guiding principle?

Get Comfortable In Your Own Company
It’s recently that I have started to make some time for myself i.e. without doing anything special like being at a salon but just to sit and spend some time on my own.

Walk3_Ms. Singh PostsSo what I do is that I go for a walk. Even if I am going to buy groceries, I would go for a 10-15 minutes’ walk first. And believe me most of the ideas for work, blog posts and solutions to anything and everything comes to me during this time. Surprisingly, it has also helped me know more about myself. I love my company. Sometimes I would visit a coffee shop or a bakery and spend some time alone. So, do something on your own and in your own company; I am sure you will enjoy the company.

Take A Cold Shower
Yes literally, you won’t die, at least I used to think I would :D. This is a tip that motivational speaker Tony Robbins recommends.  So, one day to experiment if this tip really helps in energising me and my mood, I went under the cold shower. Oh boy! This actually works. So what I did was to take shower with warm water first and towards the end I took a cold water shower. Try it for yourself and you will emerge fresh and enthusiastic. It so invigorates you and it is also a challenge you take every day. This might not be very challenging for people living in warmer climate, I know, but do try if you don’t already.

Empathise With Others
Quite often we do not agree with other people, and we end up frustrated, angry. It could be a colleague, your partner, your friends and this seriously affects our quality of life making us unhappy.

Here is something I learned from a recent book I am reading:

Empathy_Ms. Singh PostsTake a moment to be silent on the thing you don’t agree with someone and allow them to express their opinion. Just bring this to mind that the person in front of you is also like you, they also want to be at peace, they also want to be happy. And having practised this I know I can understand the other person’s point of view, or at least where he is coming from, or why he is behaving in certain way. Making things much easier to normalise.

My Affair with Coffee…

Coffee is not my first choice but tea when it comes to picking up beverages. But cold countries, chilled weather can make anyone have a non-committal relationship or may be a permanent one for some with a well brewed cup of coffee. As for me, it’s more of a fling where I want it to be different every time I fantasise it. I want more creativity infused in my coffee. And this I think is more obvious when I place orders at cafés and I am always looking for something new to try. But now that list seems to be exhausted and I crave for something new. So I thought of bringing the café to home; of course, not literally. And guess what next? My hubby backed me up in my plans. In fact, he is the one who experimented making the café style coffee at home and I assisted him with the supplies plus clicking pictures for this blog 😉

So, my hubby and I did some googling and short-listed 3 Coffee based drinks. The first one is called Layered Latte, second one Vietnamese Egg Coffee and the third one is a coffee cocktail called Tia Espresso. Now, let’s get brewing!

For the Layered Latte, you will need:
Ground coffee
Coffee pot or machine
Milk Frother

Copy of IMG_20160603_201241You start with frothing the milk, keep the nozzle touching surface of the milk and let the steam pass through. Be careful not to boil the milk. General rule that my hubby advices is if the milk has risen to double the height it was originally at, it is done. Pour the milk in the cup/glass you are going to serve the coffee into.

Brew the coffee in an easily pourable cup or may be your milk frothing jug.

Now comes the tricky part of creating the layers. The coffee has to be poured slowly so that it does not mix with the milk, but just sits on top of it. To achieve that the coffee is poured on a spoon into the cup. You start with the spoon touching the inside of the coffee mug, then pour the coffee slowly over the spoon so that it seeps into the bottom milk layer, separating the froth on top.

And there you have it: the perfect layered coffee or layered latte sounds fancy.

The second coffee we made is called Vietnamese Egg Coffee. Yes, this coffee has eggs in it 😉 This is made with Vietnamese coffee, but normal coffee should do as well. And I made it with Illy coffee.

To begin with you need an egg yolk (1 yolk per cup of coffee) and 2 teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk. Beat the mixture till it’s fluffy. Brew the coffee, add a teaspoon of coffee and vanilla extract (optional) into the egg mixture, and beat it a bit more. Pour the coffee into the serving cup; slowly pour the egg mixture on top of the coffee. Yay your Vietnamese egg coffee is ready.


The last one Tia Espresso is my favourite and I have mastered the art of making a near perfect cup. It has become almost like an evening affair for me. To me it’s a perfect way to end a beautiful day. You only need a bottle of Tia Maria in addition to all the other ingredients above in the post. And this one below in the picture is made by me 🙂

Start by pouring 50ml Tia Maria or Baileys (then it is called Café Baileys) into the serving glass cup. Take same amount of milk (I don’t measure but try to take similar amount of milk) and froth the milk, general rule again which I follow is what my hubby suggests; milk should rise to double the height you started with.

Pour the frothed milk slowly over the Tia/Baileys using a spoon, making sure it does not disturb the bottom layer and just almost sits on it (a little would get mixed though). Then brew your coffee in a pourable jug, and again slowly pour the coffee over the milk using the spoon. The coffee will seep into the froth and sit on top of the milk. And your drink is ready.

Since its weekend, try this wonderful Tia Espresso or the other two coffees whichever your heart desires and set the tone for a fabulous evening.

Ms. Singh Posts_Tia Espresso

What’s Your Cat’s IQ?

Sometime back when I was at a book shop and had wanted a little dose of motivation, I scanned through some self-help books. A small book lying on a rack in the centre caught my attention. I wondered “what could this be about, and how could you do it?” It was a book titled “Measure Your Cat’s IQ”. Seriously, yes!

I picked up the book and flipped through its pages and the first line read “So, you want to know what your cat’s IQ is like?”

Well, to be honest it’s not me who wants to know but it’s the book that wants to tell me. Anyway, I continued reading further. There was a questionnaire with four or five options and you need to answer them. Once finished, you need to calculate the responses and look at how your cat scored. Good heavens, there are so many things on this earth and even a book like this one. I need to up my IQ, it seems.

I went through the questionnaire and some of them read like “Does your cat keep its tail flat on floor when eating?” “Does he enjoy being touched around the neck, back and face?” “Does your cat persuade you to get out of bed early to fix him breakfast?” and more questions based on observation and activities of a cat.

Suddenly, I thought about a tabby cat that I know of. Beaming with ideas, I came home and decided to put the cat under the IQ test. So, for full one week I observed the cat, started taking its pictures and making videos. Finally I had so many pictures and videos on phone, it seemed like my phone belonged to the cat. Well, to be honest this activity increased my love for this cat and I decided not to judge it. But then I put the videos and pictures to a very good use making some funny gif images which you can see below.

And here is the funny gif I created. Have fun!

Does your cat pull on strings hanging from anywhere?

Does he protect the house from enemies?


Is your cat able to follow moving objects with his eyes only, without moving his body?

Does he play on its own ?

Pull a piece of string across the floor in front of your cat. What does he do?

Give him a soft cushion sheet and how he behaves?

Now, its time for the result.
And guess what?
This cat is not dim but a living Einstein! Wow!! 


PS: BIG Thank You to our friends for letting their cat spare some time with me 😉

My Cannes Moment

“Cannes!” The name itself gives you an idea of the glitz and glamour of the red carpet appearances of the A-list celebrities. You can imagine how excited I would have been when I got an opportunity to be a part of it. Yes, I am talking about the Cannes Film Festival. Ms. Singh Posts_Cannes2016_11

‘Festival De Cannes’ is what it is officially known as in France, is an international film festival where high profile celebrities stroll down the red carpet, the press capturing every moment and who-wore-what are the talking point for the next 12 days. And, that’s what we all know about Cannes. Right!

But there’s more to Cannes. So here I am going to tell you how I landed up at Cannes, my personal experience and what happens here. So read on folks…Ms. Singh Posts_Cannes2016

Well, my Cannes journey started somewhere in second week of May 2016, but the actual preparations of course had begun in mid-April when I was offered the project to promote a film at Cannes festival. I was thrilled and wanted to grab it anyhow. Finally the deal was sealed and I got the film project. I was working in the capacity of a Publicist for a film which was being premièred at Cannes. Yeyy!! What more could one ask for? Lots of shopping followed the excitement 😉

As I embarked on my journey to Cannes, the first stop was Nice airport. It’s a small airport around 30 minutes by bus from Cannes. Coming out of the airport I waited for my bus to go to Cannes and made a quick call to the owner of the property where I was going to stay. My God! She did not know a single word in English; sentence would be way too much expectation. I somehow in my broken French asked “Parlez-vous anglais?” to which she replied “non”. Then I was not left with much option than to ask for her “adresse” (I don’t know why I start speaking English with a French accent when talking to the French people 😉 But the lady was smart enough to cut the call and make someone else call me up on her behalf who spoke good English.

Lesson learnt: Know basic French. It’s always helpful.

Ms. Singh Posts_Cannes2016_2Finally at Cannes, I took a cab from here to go to Mougins where I would be putting up for the next four days. The taxi driver was friendly and he did know little English. I reached the villa and after relaxing for about two hours I started my work. In the evening, I decided to take a walk as Europe is best explored on foot. The walk is also good to know about the nearby places like the café and pharmacy that I discovered in this area.

Now, the next day I arrived early at the Cannes film festival and went straight to the enquiry and badge collection counter. I must say that the volunteers at the festival were very friendly and adept in guiding about everything. Post that I went straight to the Palais de royal, the main building at the festival where I met lot of people and it’s good for networking with the Press too. Then there are pavilions where there is even more opportunity for networking. Then my colleague and I headed for the red carpet screening of a film. There I saw Cheryl Cole, Aishwarya Rai, French musician Jean-Michel Jarre and many more celebrities walking the red carpet. Soon after like many other people on the red carpet, my camera phone was up in the air to click numerous selfies. Wow! That was my red carpet moment!!

Ms. Singh Posts_Cannes2016_3

Cannes… It feels Nice to feel and experience the aura of Cannes… Lights, camera and behind the scene action that goes into Cannes… Pretty women who check your bags and sing Bollywood song “Jaane Tu”. Hefty bouncers who don’t know English but speak the language of smiles… Young men and women dressed in red carpet attires awaiting that elusive pass… Photographers who click  with passion making a celeb out of each well-dressed visitor.. Pizza and Pasta..  Life is Palais de royale at Cannes… The Crown on the royale head is the tall, lanky and handsome suited-booted Uber driver saying “Allo” with a drawl, and effortlessly lifting your luggage. Never mind that the Latest Mercedes in the market that seats eight is his next new acquisition!! And I haven’t even begun speaking of the movies, yet….

Anyway, I am not going to bore you with details of my Day 2 and so on but I would say that the following days went into sending emails, media calls, première of the film I was working on and even more work. But all in all it was a great experience. So my advice to all those who are related to the entertainment industry, Cannes is a “must-go” place for you.

And, Here is a small list with some useful tips:

  1. The best thing about being at Cannes is that you can totally be yourself and do whatever you wish to, nobody cares. And nobody is offended. As the festival brings together people from different nations at one place, it is more like a melting pot of cultures with no linguistic boundaries.
  2. But then do dress up in smart formal and no sleazy outfits please. Still if you do, you may put yourself at a risk of being asked for a coffee. You know what I mean…lol
  3. Every person with a camera is not Press but they are local studio photographers who will click about ten random pictures making you feel like a celebrity. Later they will hand over their studio cards and ask you to visit their shops to buy those pictures. Or worse they could be running a shady website. And I am sure you do not want your pictures to be there. So, do not pose for them.
  4. Not everybody in France or Cannes to be specific speaks English. Just as we do not speak French. So it makes sense to have some basic French handy “Parle-vous anglais?”
  5. Carry coins to be used in bus. Euros of course.
  6. Smile and greet ‘Bonjour’ more often, it doesn’t hurt.
  7. Go to counters directly and seek help. Do not believe to what people tell you. Thank everybody who helped you or advised you as you may need them again. Anyhow that’s a basic courtesy too.
  8. You can also travel and see places around Cannes. The French Riviera, Mediterranean climate, and friendly and helpful people all around makes it worth to explore the city. Get busy yachting and cruising!

And finally here is what happens at Cannes…..

Kickstart Breakfast

What do I eat for breakfast? Is this a question you ask yourself too just like I do every morning. If yes, then I am sure you would have scanned through the internet and come across numerous quick fix breakfast recipes too. As for me, I have gone through innumerable recipes and zeroed down a few to try them the next morning. Alas, some of them turned out to be too bad to be tried the next time while the rest remained like a-promise- to-be-fulfilled-some-day.  And later in the kitchen, I have settled by simply cracking two eggs in the pan for making poached eggs to have it with bread. And this has been my breakfast for many years.

Well, having eggs for breakfast for many years now, I have realised that I love them. And who wouldn’t? (I understand there can be exceptions and vegetarians who don’t eat eggs) So, with this enlightenment, I decided that I would now look up for various egg recipes on the internet for a kick start morning.

IMG_20160301_120918The first recipe that I zeroed down is similar to an omelette but with a difference in its procedure. It’s called ‘Baked Eggs’. No, it doesn’t require oven baking but gas or hob cooking works fine and is easier. Even though it’s a simple and quick recipe, I think it turns out perfect if you follow a slow cooking process. I mean to say that don’t hurry up by cooking it on high flame or putting the hob on 5 or more. And anyway eggs cook faster than anything. So, a little patience gives good result.

‘Baked Eggs’ Recipe
Ingredients: 1 onion chopped, 12-15 cherry tomatoes or 2-3 big size tomatoes chopped, 2-3 garlic cloves chopped, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 4 eggs, salt and sugar as per taste and that’s it.

Method: In a frying pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil. Add cumin seeds and garlic. Once you get the aroma, add onion and a pinch of salt. Cook it till it changes to a soft light pink in colour. Now add tomatoes and add 1 tsp sugar. Let it cook with the lid covered till the mixture becomes soggy. At this point, spread the mixture in the pan and create four holes. Crack 4 eggs into these four holes. Cover with a lid and cook according to your desire of how you want the eggs. If you want runny yolk then turn down the heat in a minute. I like my eggs to have stiff yolk so I let it cook till it hardens.


Now, the second recipe is a popular one – ‘Scrambled Eggs’. Well, all these years the recipe I have followed has been more like cracking 4-5 eggs in a pan and smashing it up using a Copy of IMG_20160311_112348spatula. But a visit to a posh restaurant and a recent article in ‘The Guardian’ introduced me to a new style of scrambled eggs. The restaurant presented a hearty breakfast with creamier and delicious scrambled eggs while ‘The Guardian’ gave me its recipe. Now I don’t know whether the restaurant shared its recipe with the media house or vice-versa. But I am glad that I have it with me now. I am also sure that some of you would even know of this recipe but for me it’s the first.

And, here’s the Delicious and Creamy ‘Scrambled Eggs’ Recipe:
Ingredients: 2-3 cheese cubes or cheese slice grated or broken into small pieces, 1 tsp butter, 1 tsp ground pepper or as per taste, 4 eggs beaten

Method: In a medium hot frying pan, add butter to grease the pan. Now add the broken or grated cheese and turn the heat to a low point because the cheese may start to stick to the pan or even burn. Stirring continuously, quickly add the ground pepper. Now when the cheese has melted, add the eggs and stir it vigorously.  When you notice that the entire mixture appears like a creamy substance, turn down the heat and toast two breads. Your breakfast is ready.

Do try these out and if they don’t turn out well in the first go, may be with a little effort and positive attitude try them the next time ☺

Jalebis: A Sweet Memory and A Simple Recipe

Jalebi!! Yes, that sweet Indian delicacy which melts so yummilisiously in the mouth…ummm. The very sight of it after ages almost reminds me of how Papa would bring them on Sunday morning and the celebration of Republic Day and Independence Day would be incomplete without it in India. And of course the Indian ‘Dhara’ oil advertisement, who can forget that.

A phrase used to describe a somewhat naughty person “straight like the shape of Jalebi” comes to my mind when I think of its recipe. I would always think that making a Jalebi would involve some rocket science. After all it is round but not exactly a round shape, you see what I mean. It is crisp from outside and filled with the sugary syrup inside. But I never delved deep into its ingredients.


Recently, when I visited my Mum-in-law, she announced that she would make ‘Jalebis’ for everyone in the house the same evening. Of course I was surprised but at the same time I saw her in a different light. She has to be some scientist to produce those difficult rounded stuff. I quickly decided to become her student. Though, in the back of my mind, I was thinking will her Jalebis be similar to those we get in shops or something like when we try to copy restaurant or shop-made food, it will still lack those that we call a professional touch.

So, following her to the kitchen like an over-enthusiastic student going from grade one to two, I watched her picking up a bowl containing a white stretchy substance. Asking about what it was, she replied it was a mixture of plain flour and yoghurt that she left overnight for fermentation. It is a traditional method of making Jalebis that is followed by most shops or Halwais, the person who makes sweet delicacies in India.

IMG_20160407_101718My Mum-in-law started with heating sugar and water in a deep pan which will become ‘Chasni’ or the liquid in which the Jalebis will be dipped. Then scooping the fermented batter into a piping bag, she instantly carved somewhat twisted and overlapping circles in a broad frying pan with dollops of oil. When golden brown, these shapes were quickly transferred into the prepared Chasni and from there to a plate which went straight into my mouth. Oh my God, it tasted exactly like those shop-made Jalebis or even more delicious. I just couldn’t settle for one and ate to my soul’s satisfaction.

Such easy and simple recipe for a Jalebi, I never thought so. And surprisingly there were no measuring equipments used but using the everyday utensils and cutleries, she took out four ladles of plain flour, added half a cup yoghurt and half a cup water and left overnight for fermentation. Similarly for the Chasni, she added water to half a kilogram sugar using her own judgement. I wish all recipes could be this simple.

Soon after I offered my services to Mum-in-law and quickly made some delicious Jalebis. I realise that the Jalebis which looked so difficult had such simple recipe.  If I can be a bit philosophical here and say ‘Most things in life appear to be difficult in the beginning until we take action’. Coming back to Jalebis, they were so simple that once we started frying it everyone in the house wanted to try to make one.

Here are some pictures of the Jalebis that I made:

Something Good In Everything

You may have heard the song “I have a dream, a song to sing” by Abba. There is a line “Something good in everything I see” in the song which we come across but never pay attention to it. But if we did, we all would have been living a happy life.

Few weeks ago, I realised that I am too quick in making a judgement about things, places, people and even situations. And it’s more often than not that the bad thoughts overpower the good thoughts, which in turn makes me worrisome and unhappy. Recently when I was checking-in on a long distance flight using the internet for my husband and myself, I was more stressed than ever because there were no two seats together. It was a long haul flight and spending an entire journey of more than 8 hours not sitting next to him, what’s the point of travelling. Plus the seats that were available were all in the middle row and none of the aisle or window was available; only middle seats and that too separate. I was restless and the thought of the entire trip seemed like a herculean task.

I was under a panic attack as I feel a certain phobia sitting in between two passengers on long flights. Frustrated we decided that we will check-in at the airport just in case there are last minute cancellations and we may get lucky with seats.

Something good in everything2_Ms.Singh Posts

Later at the airport as we queued up to the counter, I consoled myself that it’s just a matter of few hours and that’s it. In fact I was kind of successful in convincing myself and that was when the agent informed to us that our tickets have been upgraded from Economy to Business class. Yeyy!!

I thought to myself that just yesterday I was restless and was fussing over a petty matter just to sit next to my hubby on a flight and today I don’t even care about it. And that’s because I never thought that our tickets would be upgraded and we would travel in a happier and comfortable way; at least you get more space in business as compared to economy class. Oh and by the way, the two seats were still apart but you know luxury is more important than love 😉

Here is another incident, I remember I would fret over a life insurance policy cum mutual fund I had invested in but forgot to pay its premium after the initial first two years. I assumed that the policy had lapsed due to non-payment and spent around three years worrying about it. The thought of having wasted so much money and never be able to recover it made me feel guilty.

Something good in everything3_Ms.Singh PostsRecently I received a letter from the insurance company and my heart skipped a beat when I read “policy termination letter” and I declared to myself that all that investment has gone in vain. The thought of only-worse-will-happen was so pre-dominant that I did not read the entire document which also had a cheque attached. It was only when my husband read it, I learned that the company has issued a cheque of the amount I had invested along with some interest money and that was all I needed.

Well, the lesson I observed is that we are too quick to judge things and come to a conclusion when things are not going our way. Instead we should give time for things to play out. And rather than concentrating on bad thoughts we should focus our energies on finding all the positive and possible good things in every situation, look at what we have, be thankful for the good things, people in our lives.

So try not making a judgement about anything too quickly may be don’t judge it at all. Give it time and also try to concentrate on the good things in your life. Having said this, I would like to share this beautiful song….

Holi is more than just about colours

It’s the festival of Holi and after long I am at my home with my parents and family. I remember as a kid, I use to get up early on the day of Holi, the festival of colours to prepare buckets full of water and colour. Hide on the steps or even terrace to throw coloured water on our cousins, uncles or aunts and later being caught by them and get drenched in the same coloured water I prepared for others. Relishing on sweet malpuas and dahi vadas was like a whole day affair. Playing with dry gulal and greeting elders was a custom followed in the evening. I miss those days.

Holi_Ms Singh Posts_3

So after 14 years when I decided to be with my family for the festival, I never thought I was going to relive my childhood. It brought back beautiful memories of those days when we use to get together with family, gorge on scrumptious delights, drench in coloured water and have massive fun screaming on top of our voices ‘Holi Hai’.

Holi_Ms Singh Posts_2

Now when I am in my home town and as I look around people soaked in water, I am tempted to dive straight into this colourful festival. With spirits high and not in much time, my face resembles the same as every other coloured face around. The only difference is that this year I had more colour packets in my hand but only a few faces around which was just the opposite during those childhood days. And this makes me realise that how we grow up from kids, move out of our home town and settle down in different cities or countries. But it’s these festivals that brings us together and reignites the spirit of family bonding. Today, I am here in my home town only because of this festival.  I am indebted to this festival for bringing back great memories and reuniting me with my family. And I feel that we all should make an effort to spend these festivals with our families; it’s so much nice and multiplies the fun for everyone around. Holi is certainly more than just playing with colours.

Wish you all a happy holi.

Holi_Ms Singh Posts_4

My Best Ways To Unwind

With the television showing some breaking news, I am continuously typing on my laptop and intermittently checking my phone taking sips of the coffee which is now cold. Does it sound familiar? I am sure it does as we all engage in multitasking at some point in our lives or may be daily. But trying to balance multiple things and managing different tasks, we become stressed and burnt out. Even though we know that multitasking reduces efficiency and performance as our brains are not wired for it, we get trapped.

Well, with lot of self-promises to not multi task, I have also found my own ways of slowing down which is important to replenish the worked up brain.

Here are few of my life hacks to unwind from a stressful day or week:Ms SinghPosts_meditation

This is like a solution to all my problems. I remember of days when I would stress over petty things, often get angry and not get sleep at night for hours. It was a horrible feeling. On my hubby’s recommendation, I started meditation.

Initially I was not convinced but when I became regular with it, I was amazed with its results. Now I also do a sleep meditation on days when I am stressed and do not get sleep.

I know, this sounds like another activity after a stressful day. But then I don’t run like I am preparing for a marathon. What I do is a slow running so I can spend time with myself.  Then there are days when I don’t want to run; I make sure I take a walk at the least. While walking, I talk to myself, look around at people or may be sitting for a coffee. This is an activity which gives me the much needed ‘me-time’. But yes I would admit that there are times when it really becomes tough to push myself out of the house.

Ms SinghPosts_masageGood Massage
Just imagine how relaxed you feel after a head massage. And now think of a full body massage. I know there are no words to describe that awesome feeling. Well, I am a big fan of oil massage and it’s like a quick remedy to all my ailments – physical and mental both. Recently, I discovered a massage parlour where they use essential oils (Eucalyptus and chamomile my favourites) and now I am booked there every week. I think a weekly or fortnightly massage is a must which I follow up with a nice warm shower. And trust me every time I do it, I emerge fresh and new.

Cut Clutter
Nothing tires me more than an unorganised desk, stuffed wardrobe and littered kitchen. Well, we are so possessed with material things that we don’t want to throw them away. But the rule that I have embraced in life to cut clutter is that anything I haven’t used for over six months or a year, I don’t need it in my life. It’s like creating more space in your brain RAM.

Ms SinghPosts_bookRead a light book
I always say this and I am saying it again – read books. But there are times when I am stressed and grasping the knowledge from a dense book can be daunting for my already tired brain. For times like these, I keep a second book by my bed side which is a light read. And of course after reading through any of the novels by PG Wodehouse, by Jove you will feel light and cheerful.

Put on a Soothing Music
Music as they say is a therapy for soul and it is indeed. This joy is multi-fold with a cup of Indian Chai or some very good organic tea. Some of my favourite relaxing music is instrumental beats played by Native Americans and some old classics. The best is, when I fall asleep listening to them.

Ms SinghPosts_cookingEngage in Soulful Cooking
I wouldn’t say I am great cook but I do like to do some experimental cooking which of course is done by following recipes and not my own imagination. From cutting vegetables to adding spices, I try to be fully aware of the different flavours and also what’s going into my food. It’s like another form of meditation. To me cooking with mindfulness accompanied with a glass of wine is a treat to my mind and soul. What could be a better way to relax than this?

And, the last words of wisdom is that life is not all about following the breaking news but feature stories can be a part of our lives too.