Simple Rules for a Happy Life

One morning I woke up late and realised that it was quite late in the day already and as usual the feeling of missed out on the day crept in. The feeling quickly spread out towards every aspect, I felt so unproductive, so unorganised, disorientated. I have felt this earlier as well when I wake up late, I guess everyone does, but this was extreme, and large part of my remaining day must have passed in this. Come evening and I realised this that part of the remaining time which could have been used so productively was also spent away in these unnecessary thoughts.

I realised I can do better than this and then worked out some rules for myself. I have thrown in some additional ones which I am trying to imbibe in my life (Empathy 😉 )

So here we go:

Wake Up
Wake Up_Ms. Singh PostsWe spend such large part of the day feeling bad on the days when we wake up late, it was almost a habit for me. Well if you feel lazy and find yourself sleepy on some days then I feel it is fine to sleep 30-60 minutes extra if you can afford it. Over-sleeping has never done anything wrong (unless you are doing serious oversleeping like 12-14 hours), nothing wrong in little snooze and no need to feel bad about it. But yes if this is happening too often, then should take a look at your routine and go to bed earlier.

Clothes Clutter
Clutter so fills your mind, my clothes are a big contributor to my clutter and not just in my wardrobe but even in my head. So one Sunday, I took everything out of my wardrobe. Once it was all out, I re-arranged, tried mix and match stuff and put back only those that I needed. In fact I discarded all my clothes I didn’t wear over the last one year. Why? Because I didn’t need them for a year so I wouldn’t need them even in the future. Isn’t that a smart guiding principle?

Get Comfortable In Your Own Company
It’s recently that I have started to make some time for myself i.e. without doing anything special like being at a salon but just to sit and spend some time on my own.

Walk3_Ms. Singh PostsSo what I do is that I go for a walk. Even if I am going to buy groceries, I would go for a 10-15 minutes’ walk first. And believe me most of the ideas for work, blog posts and solutions to anything and everything comes to me during this time. Surprisingly, it has also helped me know more about myself. I love my company. Sometimes I would visit a coffee shop or a bakery and spend some time alone. So, do something on your own and in your own company; I am sure you will enjoy the company.

Take A Cold Shower
Yes literally, you won’t die, at least I used to think I would :D. This is a tip that motivational speaker Tony Robbins recommends.  So, one day to experiment if this tip really helps in energising me and my mood, I went under the cold shower. Oh boy! This actually works. So what I did was to take shower with warm water first and towards the end I took a cold water shower. Try it for yourself and you will emerge fresh and enthusiastic. It so invigorates you and it is also a challenge you take every day. This might not be very challenging for people living in warmer climate, I know, but do try if you don’t already.

Empathise With Others
Quite often we do not agree with other people, and we end up frustrated, angry. It could be a colleague, your partner, your friends and this seriously affects our quality of life making us unhappy.

Here is something I learned from a recent book I am reading:

Empathy_Ms. Singh PostsTake a moment to be silent on the thing you don’t agree with someone and allow them to express their opinion. Just bring this to mind that the person in front of you is also like you, they also want to be at peace, they also want to be happy. And having practised this I know I can understand the other person’s point of view, or at least where he is coming from, or why he is behaving in certain way. Making things much easier to normalise.


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