My Affair with Coffee…

Coffee is not my first choice but tea when it comes to picking up beverages. But cold countries, chilled weather can make anyone have a non-committal relationship or may be a permanent one for some with a well brewed cup of coffee. As for me, it’s more of a fling where I want it to be different every time I fantasise it. I want more creativity infused in my coffee. And this I think is more obvious when I place orders at cafés and I am always looking for something new to try. But now that list seems to be exhausted and I crave for something new. So I thought of bringing the café to home; of course, not literally. And guess what next? My hubby backed me up in my plans. In fact, he is the one who experimented making the café style coffee at home and I assisted him with the supplies plus clicking pictures for this blog 😉

So, my hubby and I did some googling and short-listed 3 Coffee based drinks. The first one is called Layered Latte, second one Vietnamese Egg Coffee and the third one is a coffee cocktail called Tia Espresso. Now, let’s get brewing!

For the Layered Latte, you will need:
Ground coffee
Coffee pot or machine
Milk Frother

Copy of IMG_20160603_201241You start with frothing the milk, keep the nozzle touching surface of the milk and let the steam pass through. Be careful not to boil the milk. General rule that my hubby advices is if the milk has risen to double the height it was originally at, it is done. Pour the milk in the cup/glass you are going to serve the coffee into.

Brew the coffee in an easily pourable cup or may be your milk frothing jug.

Now comes the tricky part of creating the layers. The coffee has to be poured slowly so that it does not mix with the milk, but just sits on top of it. To achieve that the coffee is poured on a spoon into the cup. You start with the spoon touching the inside of the coffee mug, then pour the coffee slowly over the spoon so that it seeps into the bottom milk layer, separating the froth on top.

And there you have it: the perfect layered coffee or layered latte sounds fancy.

The second coffee we made is called Vietnamese Egg Coffee. Yes, this coffee has eggs in it 😉 This is made with Vietnamese coffee, but normal coffee should do as well. And I made it with Illy coffee.

To begin with you need an egg yolk (1 yolk per cup of coffee) and 2 teaspoons of sweetened condensed milk. Beat the mixture till it’s fluffy. Brew the coffee, add a teaspoon of coffee and vanilla extract (optional) into the egg mixture, and beat it a bit more. Pour the coffee into the serving cup; slowly pour the egg mixture on top of the coffee. Yay your Vietnamese egg coffee is ready.


The last one Tia Espresso is my favourite and I have mastered the art of making a near perfect cup. It has become almost like an evening affair for me. To me it’s a perfect way to end a beautiful day. You only need a bottle of Tia Maria in addition to all the other ingredients above in the post. And this one below in the picture is made by me 🙂

Start by pouring 50ml Tia Maria or Baileys (then it is called Café Baileys) into the serving glass cup. Take same amount of milk (I don’t measure but try to take similar amount of milk) and froth the milk, general rule again which I follow is what my hubby suggests; milk should rise to double the height you started with.

Pour the frothed milk slowly over the Tia/Baileys using a spoon, making sure it does not disturb the bottom layer and just almost sits on it (a little would get mixed though). Then brew your coffee in a pourable jug, and again slowly pour the coffee over the milk using the spoon. The coffee will seep into the froth and sit on top of the milk. And your drink is ready.

Since its weekend, try this wonderful Tia Espresso or the other two coffees whichever your heart desires and set the tone for a fabulous evening.

Ms. Singh Posts_Tia Espresso


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