So, I have another Guest Post and guess what, again from my dear hubby. I see a budding writer in him and this particular post is one of my favourites. I simply love this and I am sure you will enjoy this conversation too.

And here’s the conversation…. 

I checked the corner of my balcony to see if the pigeons had again created their nest, finding the nest again this morning, frustrated I went into the kitchen, looking for the dust pan to throw the nest for the fourth time this week.

With the dust pan in my hand I moved to the balcony corner, to get over with this quickly. As I neared the nest the pigeons flew away on to the iron railings of the balcony. I bend over about to slide the dust pan below the pigeon’s nest, to pick the nest and throw it, the pigeons looked down helplessly.

Almost about to slide the dust pan under the nest, I heard someone say “wait, wait. Can we talk about this?”

Astonished who is this now, I looked around, not seeing anyone I again readied myself to slide it under the nest.

“It’s me the pigeon who spoke. Can we talk about what you are going to do?”

More astonished, I turned my gaze to the pigeon still sitting at the railings.

“Never knew pigeons could speak, but am glad you spoke, even I have felt quite helpless, and not finding any way I have resorted to throw out your nest as a last resort.” I said, now standing near the nest.

Ms. Singh Posts_Balcony Conversations_1“But you don’t have to do that, we harmlessly lie in this corner occupying what, not more than half a square foot of your place.”

“Its not your occupation which I have a problem with, it’s what you do after that, if you remember I even let you hatch two of your eggs without disturbing. It is your way of living which is causing me lot of problems, look around what a mess you have created with your droppings”, I gestured the area around where lot of their droppings were lying. “You create such mess here, and these days I see at least six to seven of you moving in this area, and lately pieces of your nest have been choking my drain”

“Okay, I hear that, I didn’t know your problems. But that’s how we pigeons live, and from what I know even you humans do. Like you, we also get visitors and friends at home.”

“Very well, in that case why not make your nest on a tree and live as you like.”

“Oh, you think so, look around and tell me how many trees do you see. Where are the trees you humans have left for us.”

I realised I have gone on weak ground here.

“There is no point complaining about each other here,” mulled the pigeon thoughtfully looking away from me. “Why don’t you tell me what are the things you don’t want us to be doing, so that you do not face any problems because of us.”

“Oh, but why can you not look for some other place to build your nest, I believe there must be many vacant places which you can find if you make an effort to look around.”

“Being presumptuous is a very big problem of your species sir,” said the pigeon being philosophical, “what do you think, we did not look for any other place and occupied your esteemed corner as the first option. You won’t believe how rare pigeon real estate is in this area, I can safely say it is no less dearer than yours.”

“Ok fine you did try and there are not many places left” I reluctantly agreed with the pigeon “but then why do you all have to reproduce so much to have such big numbers. I believe its because there is no one to make you their prey, no eagles, cats.”

“Again no fault of ours that. May be I can say you are the ones responsible for this.” Commented the pigeon. “So as I was saying earlier why don’t you tell us what is it that you have problem with and we will try not to do those things.” It tried to offer me an honourable exit path.

I kept the dust pan on the ground and was leaning on the door now. I realised these pigeons are not going to go anywhere, not because of anything else but because they do not have any other place to go. So I thought better get the bargain of letting them live my way, and I started with the rules.

“Fine I will let you live here but, and its a big but, with the following conditions. And you will agree that if you violate any of these conditions you will move out. The conditions will be, no pigeon droppings here you go find some tree or whatever place to relieve yourself, no groups of pigeons moving around here. If you agree to these terms I will let you live here.”

This was what the pigeon wanted, “That sounds good, we are fine with your conditions. And we will make sure that we do not do these things here, after all we are like neighbours and we should respect each others way.”

“Carry on then, and don’t give a chance for me to do what I was going to do today.” and I looked at the watch, it was 8:45 “I will have to go now, I am getting late for work.”

“Yes, sure have a nice day, and now you will have one thing less to worry about,” said the pigeon and jumped into the nest still lying in the corner.


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