This weekend I thought of introducing a Guest blog on ‘Ms. Singh Posts’ blog. So I started to think about whom I should ask for contributing to the blog. Then it suddenly occurred to me that why not ask my dear hubby to do the honours. After all, he has written and contributed his articles to various blogs and forums in the past. So, why not here?

Ok, now let me introduce to you my hubby. Ranvijay works in IT for his living and cooks unique meals which satiate everyone’s taste buds. When he’s not working he is busy making mobile apps and games, meditating or running to prepare for a marathon.

And here’s a small story by him…

I had always found him standing there, since I had moved into this new place. He was a giant in every sense, big, strong, tough looking. I had not paid much attention to him, I was not avoiding or anything, it was more like never bothered. But as days passed and I would sit by the window, I would find him there, calm, relaxed, just there. I sometimes did even start to feel as if he was smiling at me, and without even being sure I started to return the smile.

I was the one new in that place. He was so used to being there; maybe he was even born there.

Anyway slowly I started to observe him more, and started to see the details how he would enjoy the sun, the breeze.

As happens anywhere if you spend too much time in a common place, you tend to start communicating with each other, and so happened here. When I would be free in the evenings after a tired day of work and stress, I would sit by the window on the sofa with my warm cup of tea. Some daylight still left, although the streets would be empty by now. He would be there still relaxed and may be with a smile, it was always difficult to make out, but calm and peaceful he would always be.

And I did not realise exactly when, but at some point the exchange of smiles led to conversations. Those solitary evenings by the window, I would speak and tell my story to him, how I was here for work, and how I like the way things are, and many times I don’t like them as well. He would just listen mostly nodding.

I just felt better speaking my heart out to him, may be one feels better by speaking one’s heart out to anyone. But given the way he would respond, and make you not feel you are being judged, made me feel even better.

Some time passed and I won’t say I started to look forward to the evenings, but I would say I did feel nice when it came about everyday. So as I said, some time had passed and then I realised that I have poured out almost everything of mine, well not everything, but yes the things I need to crib about, my ideas, my pains, the things which make me happy, the unhappiness in the world, the pity…etc… and he does listen to me and is always receptive and favourable to all I say, but how does he feel about things, I asked myself.

So one day instead of blurting out what I am feeling, what is happening with me, I asked him about himself, how does he feel? Does he not get bored, restless, angry at things, people around him.

He said “No, I don’t get bored even though I have lived my life here, every day, every hour, every moment there are so many things happening around me, beautiful things that I just observe and it gives me such immense satisfaction, I would not disagree that sometimes you have to make a little effort to be able to see those things.”

“One thing I have learned in my life”, he went on, “is that you have to stop looking inside, get out of yourself to enjoy, feel the goodness, share the warmth of the world. Do not think yourself as anyone special or if you are entitled to anything, you are as same as anyone. Same as the labourer you pity, the rude man you hate, the beggar you saw, it is just that your circumstances were slightly different and you turned up where you are.”

“So, what I try to do is stay where I am, appreciate what I have, and try to enjoy myself, whatever the situation around may be. Not wanting the things to be different than they are now, that is what I try to live by.” He finished.

I realised these were very simple things really, but things which we very often forget. I thanked him and decided to turn these little gems into my daily resolution, and to remind myself of this philosophy every morning.

I really felt deeply thankful, this was indeed enlightening and life changing, thank you my giant tree. I respect you and all the trees even more, the way you can stand relaxed, calm, never angry, and stay in a place enriching everyone around you and always giving, even in this insight.

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