Kickstart Breakfast

What do I eat for breakfast? Is this a question you ask yourself too just like I do every morning. If yes, then I am sure you would have scanned through the internet and come across numerous quick fix breakfast recipes too. As for me, I have gone through innumerable recipes and zeroed down a few to try them the next morning. Alas, some of them turned out to be too bad to be tried the next time while the rest remained like a-promise- to-be-fulfilled-some-day.  And later in the kitchen, I have settled by simply cracking two eggs in the pan for making poached eggs to have it with bread. And this has been my breakfast for many years.

Well, having eggs for breakfast for many years now, I have realised that I love them. And who wouldn’t? (I understand there can be exceptions and vegetarians who don’t eat eggs) So, with this enlightenment, I decided that I would now look up for various egg recipes on the internet for a kick start morning.

IMG_20160301_120918The first recipe that I zeroed down is similar to an omelette but with a difference in its procedure. It’s called ‘Baked Eggs’. No, it doesn’t require oven baking but gas or hob cooking works fine and is easier. Even though it’s a simple and quick recipe, I think it turns out perfect if you follow a slow cooking process. I mean to say that don’t hurry up by cooking it on high flame or putting the hob on 5 or more. And anyway eggs cook faster than anything. So, a little patience gives good result.

‘Baked Eggs’ Recipe
Ingredients: 1 onion chopped, 12-15 cherry tomatoes or 2-3 big size tomatoes chopped, 2-3 garlic cloves chopped, 1 tsp cumin seeds, 4 eggs, salt and sugar as per taste and that’s it.

Method: In a frying pan, heat 1 tbsp olive oil or sunflower oil. Add cumin seeds and garlic. Once you get the aroma, add onion and a pinch of salt. Cook it till it changes to a soft light pink in colour. Now add tomatoes and add 1 tsp sugar. Let it cook with the lid covered till the mixture becomes soggy. At this point, spread the mixture in the pan and create four holes. Crack 4 eggs into these four holes. Cover with a lid and cook according to your desire of how you want the eggs. If you want runny yolk then turn down the heat in a minute. I like my eggs to have stiff yolk so I let it cook till it hardens.


Now, the second recipe is a popular one – ‘Scrambled Eggs’. Well, all these years the recipe I have followed has been more like cracking 4-5 eggs in a pan and smashing it up using a Copy of IMG_20160311_112348spatula. But a visit to a posh restaurant and a recent article in ‘The Guardian’ introduced me to a new style of scrambled eggs. The restaurant presented a hearty breakfast with creamier and delicious scrambled eggs while ‘The Guardian’ gave me its recipe. Now I don’t know whether the restaurant shared its recipe with the media house or vice-versa. But I am glad that I have it with me now. I am also sure that some of you would even know of this recipe but for me it’s the first.

And, here’s the Delicious and Creamy ‘Scrambled Eggs’ Recipe:
Ingredients: 2-3 cheese cubes or cheese slice grated or broken into small pieces, 1 tsp butter, 1 tsp ground pepper or as per taste, 4 eggs beaten

Method: In a medium hot frying pan, add butter to grease the pan. Now add the broken or grated cheese and turn the heat to a low point because the cheese may start to stick to the pan or even burn. Stirring continuously, quickly add the ground pepper. Now when the cheese has melted, add the eggs and stir it vigorously.  When you notice that the entire mixture appears like a creamy substance, turn down the heat and toast two breads. Your breakfast is ready.

Do try these out and if they don’t turn out well in the first go, may be with a little effort and positive attitude try them the next time ☺


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