Something Good In Everything

You may have heard the song “I have a dream, a song to sing” by Abba. There is a line “Something good in everything I see” in the song which we come across but never pay attention to it. But if we did, we all would have been living a happy life.

Few weeks ago, I realised that I am too quick in making a judgement about things, places, people and even situations. And it’s more often than not that the bad thoughts overpower the good thoughts, which in turn makes me worrisome and unhappy. Recently when I was checking-in on a long distance flight using the internet for my husband and myself, I was more stressed than ever because there were no two seats together. It was a long haul flight and spending an entire journey of more than 8 hours not sitting next to him, what’s the point of travelling. Plus the seats that were available were all in the middle row and none of the aisle or window was available; only middle seats and that too separate. I was restless and the thought of the entire trip seemed like a herculean task.

I was under a panic attack as I feel a certain phobia sitting in between two passengers on long flights. Frustrated we decided that we will check-in at the airport just in case there are last minute cancellations and we may get lucky with seats.

Something good in everything2_Ms.Singh Posts

Later at the airport as we queued up to the counter, I consoled myself that it’s just a matter of few hours and that’s it. In fact I was kind of successful in convincing myself and that was when the agent informed to us that our tickets have been upgraded from Economy to Business class. Yeyy!!

I thought to myself that just yesterday I was restless and was fussing over a petty matter just to sit next to my hubby on a flight and today I don’t even care about it. And that’s because I never thought that our tickets would be upgraded and we would travel in a happier and comfortable way; at least you get more space in business as compared to economy class. Oh and by the way, the two seats were still apart but you know luxury is more important than love 😉

Here is another incident, I remember I would fret over a life insurance policy cum mutual fund I had invested in but forgot to pay its premium after the initial first two years. I assumed that the policy had lapsed due to non-payment and spent around three years worrying about it. The thought of having wasted so much money and never be able to recover it made me feel guilty.

Something good in everything3_Ms.Singh PostsRecently I received a letter from the insurance company and my heart skipped a beat when I read “policy termination letter” and I declared to myself that all that investment has gone in vain. The thought of only-worse-will-happen was so pre-dominant that I did not read the entire document which also had a cheque attached. It was only when my husband read it, I learned that the company has issued a cheque of the amount I had invested along with some interest money and that was all I needed.

Well, the lesson I observed is that we are too quick to judge things and come to a conclusion when things are not going our way. Instead we should give time for things to play out. And rather than concentrating on bad thoughts we should focus our energies on finding all the positive and possible good things in every situation, look at what we have, be thankful for the good things, people in our lives.

So try not making a judgement about anything too quickly may be don’t judge it at all. Give it time and also try to concentrate on the good things in your life. Having said this, I would like to share this beautiful song….


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