Holi is more than just about colours

It’s the festival of Holi and after long I am at my home with my parents and family. I remember as a kid, I use to get up early on the day of Holi, the festival of colours to prepare buckets full of water and colour. Hide on the steps or even terrace to throw coloured water on our cousins, uncles or aunts and later being caught by them and get drenched in the same coloured water I prepared for others. Relishing on sweet malpuas and dahi vadas was like a whole day affair. Playing with dry gulal and greeting elders was a custom followed in the evening. I miss those days.

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So after 14 years when I decided to be with my family for the festival, I never thought I was going to relive my childhood. It brought back beautiful memories of those days when we use to get together with family, gorge on scrumptious delights, drench in coloured water and have massive fun screaming on top of our voices ‘Holi Hai’.

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Now when I am in my home town and as I look around people soaked in water, I am tempted to dive straight into this colourful festival. With spirits high and not in much time, my face resembles the same as every other coloured face around. The only difference is that this year I had more colour packets in my hand but only a few faces around which was just the opposite during those childhood days. And this makes me realise that how we grow up from kids, move out of our home town and settle down in different cities or countries. But it’s these festivals that brings us together and reignites the spirit of family bonding. Today, I am here in my home town only because of this festival.  I am indebted to this festival for bringing back great memories and reuniting me with my family. And I feel that we all should make an effort to spend these festivals with our families; it’s so much nice and multiplies the fun for everyone around. Holi is certainly more than just playing with colours.

Wish you all a happy holi.

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