My Best Ways To Unwind

With the television showing some breaking news, I am continuously typing on my laptop and intermittently checking my phone taking sips of the coffee which is now cold. Does it sound familiar? I am sure it does as we all engage in multitasking at some point in our lives or may be daily. But trying to balance multiple things and managing different tasks, we become stressed and burnt out. Even though we know that multitasking reduces efficiency and performance as our brains are not wired for it, we get trapped.

Well, with lot of self-promises to not multi task, I have also found my own ways of slowing down which is important to replenish the worked up brain.

Here are few of my life hacks to unwind from a stressful day or week:Ms SinghPosts_meditation

This is like a solution to all my problems. I remember of days when I would stress over petty things, often get angry and not get sleep at night for hours. It was a horrible feeling. On my hubby’s recommendation, I started meditation.

Initially I was not convinced but when I became regular with it, I was amazed with its results. Now I also do a sleep meditation on days when I am stressed and do not get sleep.

I know, this sounds like another activity after a stressful day. But then I don’t run like I am preparing for a marathon. What I do is a slow running so I can spend time with myself.  Then there are days when I don’t want to run; I make sure I take a walk at the least. While walking, I talk to myself, look around at people or may be sitting for a coffee. This is an activity which gives me the much needed ‘me-time’. But yes I would admit that there are times when it really becomes tough to push myself out of the house.

Ms SinghPosts_masageGood Massage
Just imagine how relaxed you feel after a head massage. And now think of a full body massage. I know there are no words to describe that awesome feeling. Well, I am a big fan of oil massage and it’s like a quick remedy to all my ailments – physical and mental both. Recently, I discovered a massage parlour where they use essential oils (Eucalyptus and chamomile my favourites) and now I am booked there every week. I think a weekly or fortnightly massage is a must which I follow up with a nice warm shower. And trust me every time I do it, I emerge fresh and new.

Cut Clutter
Nothing tires me more than an unorganised desk, stuffed wardrobe and littered kitchen. Well, we are so possessed with material things that we don’t want to throw them away. But the rule that I have embraced in life to cut clutter is that anything I haven’t used for over six months or a year, I don’t need it in my life. It’s like creating more space in your brain RAM.

Ms SinghPosts_bookRead a light book
I always say this and I am saying it again – read books. But there are times when I am stressed and grasping the knowledge from a dense book can be daunting for my already tired brain. For times like these, I keep a second book by my bed side which is a light read. And of course after reading through any of the novels by PG Wodehouse, by Jove you will feel light and cheerful.

Put on a Soothing Music
Music as they say is a therapy for soul and it is indeed. This joy is multi-fold with a cup of Indian Chai or some very good organic tea. Some of my favourite relaxing music is instrumental beats played by Native Americans and some old classics. The best is, when I fall asleep listening to them.

Ms SinghPosts_cookingEngage in Soulful Cooking
I wouldn’t say I am great cook but I do like to do some experimental cooking which of course is done by following recipes and not my own imagination. From cutting vegetables to adding spices, I try to be fully aware of the different flavours and also what’s going into my food. It’s like another form of meditation. To me cooking with mindfulness accompanied with a glass of wine is a treat to my mind and soul. What could be a better way to relax than this?

And, the last words of wisdom is that life is not all about following the breaking news but feature stories can be a part of our lives too.


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