My Mum Added A Third Dimension To My Life

Mom, Mumma, Maa, Aayi or any other name you use to address your mother, the word resonates the same feeling across the planet.  And to this every woman and man agrees, I am sure. Just like everyone else, my feelings for my Mummy, is how I call my mother, is supreme. She is my world. Having said this I realise that how mundane jobs keep us busy and we forget to appreciate the roles our mother play in our lives. With Mother’s Day approaching on Sunday 6th March, I recollect how my Mum helped me learn some key skills that changed my life.

Ms Singh Posts_mommy

Every summer vacation during my school days, my Mum would insist that I join some extra-curricular activity or class to which I would reluctantly agree. I would think my Mum doesn’t love me and is tired of seeing me at home all the time so she wants me to be out even during my vacations. She took great effort to enrol me to various classes in those vacations. Art & craft, sketching, stuffed toy making and swimming; my summer vacations were always full of activities. And I hated it.

Later in life I was working and had come to my Mum’s place to visit my family. That day, my sister had also come along with her two kids. For some unknown reason, my four years old nephew was throwing tantrums and continuously crying. I cuddled him and tried my best to make him happy but all my attempts failed. This failure was growing inside me and I was getting annoyed. The only answer I wanted to seek was “How on earth you stop a child from crying?”

Ms Singh Posts_mom

Well, to every problem, Mum is the solution. My mother offered a furry white rabbit stuffed toy with pink nose to my nephew. He grabbed its ears, poked its nose and soon engaged in his adorable babble with his newfound friend. With a sigh of relief, I thought looking at the toy how this little thing could solve world’s biggest problems. Another glance at the toy confirmed me that this little stuffed toy was made by me when I use to live with my parents. I started to appreciate my creation and also pondered over running a business of stuffed toys. Of course, there are plenty available in stores but nothing can beat a customised toy with a personal touch.

On coming back from my Mum’s place, I asked one of my neighbours, who I use to address as ‘Aunty’ to help me with the stitching of stuffed toys. To my surprise, she also involved her two children in this job. Within a week more people joined her from her neighbourhood and with joint effort over a dozen handmade stuffed toys were ready. Initially the idea was to sell the stuffed toys and make money which we did successfully and earned a profit too.

Pinky Ponky Toys

But to me the real joy came from looking at how my aunt’s family and neighbours enjoyed learning this new skill and working together. It seemed more like an active community gathering. After that I made more stuffed toys only to gift and impart my skill to others while having a good time with my brand-new community members. And of course the joy of giving was more than making money out of it.

Today when I look back, I realise how those summer vacations have been the most fruitful years of my life. These skills may sound trivial but if you can make use of it to bring a change in your or someone else’s life, you appreciate it more. Your desk job is important to earn you a living but to be truly successful and add meaning to life, you need a third dimension. A third dimension that does not necessarily fetch you money but helps you grow as an individual.

According to a Financial Times columnist Mrs. Moneypenny “It is not enough to be good at your job and run your home life well. To be truly successful, you need a third dimension. It will make you more attractive as an employee – and, as you advance to more senior levels, can help you gain management and board experience. Plus it can help you build your network.”

Thank you Mumma for helping me learn these skills and adding a third dimension to my life. Wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Ms. Singh Posts_mothers Day

PS: When I hear my hubby say he doesn’t know how to swim, I secretly enjoy the kicks of possessing the skill. Yes, I can swim.


2 thoughts on “My Mum Added A Third Dimension To My Life

  1. Neetu Singh says:

    Very well expressed Neha.A mother is one who loves selflessly and is our biggest well wisher.Their wisdom and knowledge should be respected as it comes from their experiences…the good times and ups and downs they have been through.A mother always wants her daughter to fulfill those dreams which she could not fulfill and am sure you have made her proud..

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