Tuna Tales

It was in Barcelona that I was first introduced to the finger food called ‘tapas’ and I loved the seafood tapas in particular. Ever since I have wanted to turn into a Pescetarian. Wikipedia explains ‘A Pescetarian is a person who eats only fish and not the flesh of other animals’. Well, this fits my own definition too except for one thing that I just want to eat only one kind of fish and that is ‘Tuna’.

Tuna sandwich, tuna salad, tuna pasta; as of now I just know how to make these. And yes there is one more; Tuna wrap. This is something I discovered at a café in London. I can’t remember the name of that café which had something to do with Pita but what I do remember is its delicious tuna wrap. Tweaking the recipe a bit to suit my taste buds, it has now become my quick fix meal. And I reckon you will love it too.

So, wait no further and get the recipe.
Preparation Time: 10-15 mins, Serves: 2

Here’s what you need….
Pita bread/ Tortilla/ Chapati
Canned tuna chunks (1 can), mustard (2-3 tbs),
half a tomato, half an onion, half a cucumber (all fine chopped)

Optional Items
Jalapeños, gherkins, olives (a few)
Corn, mango (ripe canned ones), lettuce

Now here’s the how to….
Start by mixing all the vegetables together. Add salt and pepper if you wish too. In a bowl empty the tuna chunks and add mustard. Mix them well. You may add more mustard to your liking and taste. I add a lot of mustard, I am a fan.

Choose the type of bread you like. Warm it on a pan and place it flat on a plate. Spread the mix vegetable in the centre. Add all or any of the items under the optional ingredient. Take 2-3 heaps of tuna-mustard and spread it. You can also add two-three drops of Tabasco sauce to give a delicious kick. Place some lettuce and roll the tortilla or just grab close your pita bread. Voila! Your tuna wrap is ready.Copy of IMG_20150520_170151

While you relish on the idea of trying out this new quick-fix recipe, hit like if you liked the post. And if you know of any other recipe using “Tuna” do share them in the comments below.

Bon Appetit!


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