Why I Love Apps (And You Should, Too!)

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my life, be more productive and work efficiently in my day-to-day life. I am sure you would have also felt the same urge many a times. So how do we become super-efficient, hyper-productive being we all want to be? Is there a magic wand that can transform us into that being or get things done for us?  I wish there was one, but don’t lose heart we do have Apps, if not do magic at least they can make many things lot simpler.

I am sure many of you must have your can’t-do-without-this apps. Here is the list of apps which I almost can’t do without. These are neither the regular social media apps nor neither the most sophisticated apps but are quite user-friendly and useful to make our lives a little easier, isn’t that nice?

So, here we go…GoogleKeep

1. Google Keep(Android, iPhone)
This is my mobile notepad cum folder cum shopping list, you name it. It helps me to write down notes, create my shopping list, record any voice note or capture images to keep track of a pretty design I would want to refer later. I write down my To-do lists here as it gives a very good after-feeling when you strike the item off your list.

It is quite handy as you can save things quickly even if it’s about taking down somebody’s phone number. The simplicity of this makes me use it even more.


2. Pocket (Android, iPhone)
There are numerous articles on the internet I want to read but just don’t have time to do it at that moment. PocketiPhone

So, when I come across any lengthy article or video, I use Pocket. This app pockets or saves the article or video for my later reading or viewing.

What I also like about it is that I can go through materials even at places where I don’t have the internet connectivity like in tubes or flights.

3. BBC Weather (Android, iPhone)
If you live in a place like UK, you sure do need to know the weather before you head out of your home.Like any other thing, there are plenty of weather apps but I like the ease and simple feature of the BBC Weather app. BBC weatherBy far it has been accurate, what more I would want.  (Only available in UK though, so you might have to hack to install it outside of UK)


4. Headspace (Android, iPhone)
To be more efficient some peace of mind is also needed 😉 so time for some meditation. You might be thinking meditation and app, but wait till you try this. In fact this is one of the most recommended apps and I downloaded it on my hubby’s recommendation.

What I like about it is that it won’t ask you to completely eliminate noise rather embracing your surrounding and start to notice it. But that doesn’t mean that you sit in a room with your TV on. This app has numerous guided meditations and the first ten meditations are free. So why not try?


5. World Clock widget (Only on Android)
WorldclockwidgetEven if I was brilliant in Math, I wouldn’t want to calculate to learn the current time in the USA or to know what time of day it would be in India while sitting somewhere else. And why take the pain when you have an app like World Clock widget.

Just by selecting the name of country and city, you can have as many clocks of different countries you care for on your phone screen. As of now, I just have two time zones to worry about.




6. Swipe Keyboard (Android, iPhone)
Why type when you can Swipe? Seriously! It makes such a difference in typing on the tiny keyboards; it used to be such pain. I am amazed how it functions and knows exactly what I want to write.SwiftKeyiPhone

Earlier, I had the SwiftKey App but now swipe keyboard is a default service on my Android phone. Do try it out, and give it a day or two to get used to, I bet you will never go back to tapping. It feels so easy.



7. Asics Run (Android, iPhone)
RunThis is a wonderful App for planned running. It will set a personalised plan for you to prepare you from 5 kms to a full marathon. The plan is quite flexible as well and you can move the days around.

I use it to improve my running skill which I consider to be one of the best forms of exercises. I will also admit that I haven’t been able to make the most of this app in the last one month due to travel and cold. But writing about it has motivated me enough to start again.



8. Clue (Android, iPhone)
Now this one’s a girly thing. Of all the different things that everybody keeps track of, we girls also have to keep track of our monthly cycles. Well, here is an app that comes to our rescue and takes away at least this bit of burden.ClueBy simply feeding the requisite data, it starts to keep track of your cycle, gives you reminders, and tells you about all the important dates you ought to know. Need I say more?

9. Google Photos (Android, iPhone)GooglePhotos4
If you snap lot of photos then this is one of the best digital assistants you can ever have. This app will assemble your pictures and put together a digital album for you. It will add special effects, create animation and develop a high definition video too.

You just need to sync your mobile pictures with Google Photos app and you get access to online storage facility. In fact this app also enables me to free up space on my mobile by deleting pictures and videos while automatically backing it up.

And you can access these pictures from anywhere.



10. Photo Collage Editor and No Crop Insta Collage Square (Only on Android)
Photo Collage as the name suggests lives up to its name. With numerous grid formats and effects, I love creating collages of my pictures. ‘No Crop Insta Collage Square’ is a recent download on my phone that can be used for a lot more photo editing which is not accurate in the former app. I love its collage photos and blur background. Well, with Apps like these who wouldn’t love taking selfies?

These two apps are not available on iPhone but I am sure you will find something similar on App store.

Well, I keep trying out new Apps every few weeks to find something better and useful. If I come across something more exciting, I will definitely write about them here.
Now before you leave this page, tell me what your favourite Apps are? Do mention them in the comment below.


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