How to read, and read more books?

“All I have learned, I learned from books.”- Abraham Lincoln

I am sure most of us have at some point wanted to read more. But most often than not, we don’t make any progress on it. ‘Read more books’ is an un-missable item on almost everybody’s New Year resolution. The excitement may lead to buying a new book or something even as fancy as kindle. But soon after the first month the enthusiasm fizzles and the book is shut. Come next year, we put it up again as our New Year resolution.

If you have been in this boat, here are few of my tips to read more books. Read on.

Book Selection
It’s often that we pick up a wrong book to read and that makes us drag through or loathe reading altogether. Examples – I know many who pick up “Mein Kampf” or “The Monk who Sold his Ferrari” and then you know what happens.
So how to select books? Well, the best bet here would be to select a light read which would also be light in weight. A thicker book initially can be a bit intimidating for an infrequent reader. I am not even suggesting reading a classic at this stage. In fact, ask someone who knows you well suggest books to you. Going through a short summary and reviews of the book on the internet is another way.
My personal choice is to look up for the books that ‘my idols’ or those people whose intellect I admire have read. Still if you happen to pick up a book not palatable to your taste buds, it’s always a good idea to say goodbye for now; you can always try that later.

Plan Your Reading
Okay, so now you have selected your book and you kind of like it, so how to make sure you finish it. Try to read at least one page every day. Now for this reason, you must always have it at close proximity. A book by your bed side or on the couch of your living room will always make you pick it up. Personally, I like to read a book just before bedtime. Also, try carrying a book on your everyday work commute, long haul flights, holiday travel, or just anywhere. But do make a conscious effort to pull it out of our bag.

Set A Goal
If you like taking up challenges then this is for you. Plan the number of days when you think you will finish the book, and then divide the total number of pages by the number of days. You will get the number of pages you should read every day. Let’s say if there are 200 pages in a book and you plan to finish it in 10 days then 200/10 equals to 20 pages per day. Two weeks is a fair amount of time for 200-300 page books. And be reasonable with yourself in setting your goal.

Give It Some Time
Read at least the first 30-40 pages of a book before you decide to chuck it. It happens that even the most popular books will not read interesting in the beginning because these first few pages are devoted to setting the stage, introducing the characters. The story most of the times will start with the context of these first few pages and things will start becoming interesting.

Buy A Book
There are times when we have to wait for someone or something at malls, airports or simply anywhere on the streets. Try to make most of this time by waiting at nearby book store. If you are a frequent flyer then do make an effort to go to the book shop and may be buy a book to read in the flight. This will also add to your travel memory. Also, it’s always good to buy a physical book than reading a downloadable material on e-reader.

Below are few of my recent favourites which I have read and enjoyed:
Carry on Jeeves (By PG Wodehouse)
The Girl with the dragon Tattoo (By Steig Lrasson)
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (By Mark Haddon)
Family Life (By Akhil Sharma)
Barbie and Ruth (By Robin Gerber)

So, I hope that these few tips are of some help to you. And do share your book recommendations in the comments.


2 thoughts on “How to read, and read more books?

  1. neetu singh says:

    There is no second opinion that the greatest pleasures of life comes from reading good books. Indeed, books bring immense joy and warmth, enlarges the frontiers of knowledge, widens the outlook.Am truly motivated…will read regularly😊

    Liked by 1 person

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