2015 An Eventful Year Indeed

One of the most eventful years of my life is how I would describe 2015. Attended some fabulous events, met new people with whom I had more good and few not-so-good experiences. The most important learning has been to celebrate every little moment that brings happiness because however minuscule a bad news is, it has a tendency to occupy the largest part of our brain.

So, here are some smooth and some sudden-loud-music-kind-of experience I had this year:

Good Reads of 2015
IMG_20151218_230717This year I have read more books than ever and all of good quality. Well, at least that is what I think. From crime novels of Ian Rankin to self-help books like ‘The 4-hour work week’; I am still working upon creating my muse (read the book to learn about the muse). And I just love to devour PG Wodehouse’s novels as it makes me full of beans, don’t you know.


Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)
quoteMy father is a lawyer but I never thought someday I would have to go to one. Well, if the world is full of good people then there are some not-so-good ones too. The people you have had good relations with in the past and you don’t even cross boundaries to make them unhappy, will for some god-forsaken reason try to bully you with a ‘Court Notice’. But why? For being good to them? I don’t understand.

It was only because of the ‘Court Notice’ that I learnt about the ‘Citizens Advice Bureau’. It is an advisory body based in the United Kingdom that helps people resolve their legal, money and a huge variety of other issues by providing free, independent and confidential advice. They took up my case, involved a corporate law firm and handled the entire case giving me zero worry; and all this for FREE. So, when this other party was spending large amount on expensive solicitors trying to get my hackles up, I was watching the “The Killing” series on my Netflix one after the other. Can you beat that?

All About ‘Wellth’
HIIT_Workout_printsI think it was December of 2014 when I had put on tons of calories which profusely showed around my body. January 2015 was when I took up the health resolution to reduce my weight and joined a gym. Three months of work out and no results. Come April I met a wonderful personal trainer, a bit expensive but anything for a fabulous body. Rigorous training, eating in moderation and being fully aware of myself, I could see the difference in just one month. Once I was in good shape, I tried swimming and yoga too. Moral: Invest in yourself, it’s a beautiful feeling. Also, workout three or four times a week and not daily.


Cosmetic Disease
IMG_20150213_100148The word ‘disease’ itself is scary and creates an instant panic in the brain. I suffered from ‘alopecia areta’. It is a disease in which one loses hair in small spots that can be as big as a coin or the round of a ‘beer can’ further leading to complete baldness. Deep down in my heart I was devastated and held back tears on even a small mention of any bald person. Too much research on the internet produced only bad news. The worst was when I noticed another bald spot and rushed to the General Physician. It was here I discovered some relief and hope of my hair regrowth. Still there was no such word uttered which said “100% hair back” but only hope. Few days later, I realised that there are people who suffer from chronic and other fatal diseases and still lead a normal life. I was brooding on a mere ‘Cosmetic Disease’. This I think is a more appropriate name for it. With this bit of wisdom, I decided to attend all client meets, media conference and other social meets in my bald spot. Well, in about 4-5 months the bald spots were gone but it made me realise how we fall prey to trivial matters in life and become unhappy. Instead, life offers thousand reasons to be happy and running. Get on!

With Love from Paris
2015-12-29_17.07.00With an in-depth research on how-to-Schengen-visa and meticulous planning, my hubby and I managed to visit one of the world’s most beautiful city; Paris. To me the city felt like a beautiful painting with fashionable yet gracious people, appetizing food and beautiful warm weather, making it even more beautiful. I could never imagine how someone could go on top of the Eiffel Tower. The lifts that transported us from Ground to Level Three (top of the tower) is an exceptional creation in itself. The view of the city from this height is nothing but spectacular. To me it was like a once-in-a-life-time-opportunity. And yes the childhood dream of being at The Disneyland was materialised only in 2015. ‘Hollywood Hotel’ and ‘The Stunt Show’ is a must see. It hurts to learn about the recent Paris attacks; the city which has only ‘Love’ to offer in its entirety.

Cats are loving pets too
JacksonBeing more of a dog lover, it was difficult for me to love a cat. After all, I know about the superstitious beliefs surrounding the tiny little creature. Having an opportunity to be close to a cute little cat, I learnt about its behaviour and also why some people don’t like cats. Well, the simple reason is that dogs go to their master but you have to earn a cat’s love. So does that make them bad? No, I don’t think so. They are as loving as dogs and I believe even more photogenic. Say ‘hello’ to a kitty today.

On the whole, it’s been a good year. So now to put a bit of zip into the last few days of the year, I am heading to Barcelona in Spain. I will write in detail about this trip in my other blog.

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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