Childhood Revisited

2-girls-hugging-as-best-friendsIt was a regular day at work. Everybody around was working and so was I. I decided to leave office sharp at six in the evening because I had to pay my mobile bill at the company’s ‘Pay Your Bill Centre’ inside the campus. It was the last day to pay the mobile bill else the company is quick to disconnect the connection. And the online payment is pathetic. So, I decided to take the lovely ten minutes’ walk inside the campus from the main gate. But there is shortcut way too to go to the bill payment centre.

Destiny Awaits
For some reason, a thought came to my mind that there are no shortcuts to success as I checked out the extra fat around my body. I said to myself “There are certainly no shortcuts; even if it’s for shedding that extra fat.” I quit the idea of shortcut and walked through the luscious greenery around the campus taking the long route. May be this will help me get rid of a few hundred grams if not kilos!

Suddenly, I got a call on my mobile. It was a call from one of the investment advisors who I had been avoiding for some time. The caller continued talking to me explaining in detail his long list of funds in which I was least interested. I took a right turn from the parking area still listening to him.

Walking straight through the path, I noticed a lean guy coming towards me from the opposite side. The guy looked handsome in his black shirt. I could also see a girl with him who was talking to him animatedly.

Long Lost Friend
The girl was fatter than me but had lovely long hair tied up in braids which moved back and forth her shoulder. The broad specs around her face gave her a geeky look. She resembled one of my school friends.

“No No No..Oh Lord! Is this true? Is this her,” I cried in disbelief. This girl not just resembles, but she looks exactly like my school mate.. my friend….yes my friend…Ankita. And it was her.

“Ankitaaaahh!!!” I shouted pulling away my phone with the other hand.

“Nehaaa!!! Youuu!!!”, came the voice from the other end.

Nostalgic Moment
For a minute, we looked at each other wondering if this is for real. A moment of silence broken by the Bollywood style dialogue “How come you are here?” we both asked one another.

Ankita was one of my best friends during school days. We were meeting almost after ten years. We lost touch after class 10 as we did not have mobile phones to stay in touch. This unexpected encounter got us connected instantly like a click of a mouse button.

Nostalgia is just a word, but the feeling I experienced, just can’t be described. I am still wondering, how this happened. Excitement has yet not ceased.

Soon after we exchanged numbers and she quickly invited me to her place. She said, “If you come to my place there is one more surprise for you. Richa is also here in Mumbai and working with the same organization.”

“Wow!!!” was my instant reaction to her words. I couldn’t believe that two of my very good friends were around me and I was unaware of their presence.

My brains started to work fast and made me recollect that there was still one more due day to pay my bills. So, I turned 180 degrees to my left and headed out from the main gate leading to the exit with my childhood friend to have fun after work.

Connecting People
There is nothing like connecting with your roots again….your childhood friends. These are some of the sweet memories that keep you excited and energetic for a long time. This has been one of my sweet memories and I feel abundantly rich with the ‘Joys of Life’. I can say that the work place not only connects people but it even brings together long lost friends.


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